Direct Mail

Why Direct Mail Works

In today’s digital world, many businesses presume that direct mail marketing doesn’t return the same results as digital marketing strategies. However in a recent report from the DMA, it revealed that the average response rate for direct mail is over 4 times greater than that of email marketing. At FastAnt we know that direct mail is still relevant and effective, regardless of your business size. Let us show you how effective direct mail can be.

How we do Direct Mail

We start by listening to what you are trying to achieve and then we will build a proposal that will suit you based on a combination of lowest cost with maximum impact on receipt.

Our enclosing machines can insert over 8 items into an envelope in one cycle and with built-in cameras and intelligent software, multiple personalised items can be enclosed into the same envelope.

Large brochures and catalogues can be polywrapped and personalised inline using our solvent high quality inkjet system.

Data Health Check

We offer a free data health check that can identify major savings in postage costs by identifying individuals in your mailing list that should not be mailed.  This process can not only save you money on reduced postage, but also protect you from fines as a result of sending mail to those who have specifically registered to be excluded from marketing campaigns.

Data Security

FastAnt has achieved the ISO27001 data security standard for both the security of our computer systems and infrastructure, but also for how we manage and take care of our client’s data.

Bespoke Enclosing Solutions

Charities are always looking for more cost effective ways of reducing the cost of campaigns and getting the maximum exposure to their cause from a simple mailing pack.  FastAnt supports a number of charity campaigns and we have built our own machinery to speed up the enclosing of bespoke requirements such as coin carriers, personalised labels and fully personalised imagery and content mailings.

Postage Options

FastAnt is an authorised Royal Mail MailMark® mailing house and we offer advice and support for all your mailings using the different Royal Mail services.  We also work with all the major Downstream Access (DSA) mailing providers and can offer you alternative costs from each of these suppliers based on your final mailing pack weight and dimensions.

Account Management

A fantastic business is based on fantastic people. All of our account managers are experienced Direct Mail gurus, who love everything Direct Mail and will move heaven and earth to get your mailing out on time.

Our Direct Mail services include:

  • AND MORE..

Combining with the digital world

So you’ve probably been asking yourself, what is more effective, Direct Mail or Email? Well most consumers don’t want to choose between Direct Mail and Email, they want both. We are big advocates of combining your Direct Mail campaigns with digital platforms to make sure you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

We can help you design a cross-media campaign that spans both digital and physical media.  By targeting your audience effectively, we can vary your message to trigger their purchasing decisions.

By combining digital and mail, we can collect greater analytics, help you engage with your consumers on a 1:1 basis and really make the most out of your marketing.

Improve Your Marketing ROI

If you want to know more about how FastAnt can improve your Return on Investment then don’t hesitate to contact us using the link below.

We would love to work with you and show you that Direct Mail really works.